Infinity Sterling Silver Clip On Earrings, Artisan Crafted…

Classy 925 Sterling Silver Clip On Earrings ‘Infinity’ design in a drop style and fitted with positive and very comfortable 925 Sterling Silver clips – make a fashion statement with these simply gorgeous earrings.

# Dimensions: earring overall length is 40mm (1 5/8″) to top of clip button, with a width of 10mm (3/8″).

# Materials;
● Earring Body: 925 Sterling Silver
● Earring Clips: 925 Sterling Silver

●● Firm & Comfortable Clips that are positive and yet comfortable are the critical component of any Quality clip on earrings. They need to be firm enough to hold the weight of the earring without causing discomfort and that is why All Clip On Earrings in our store are fitted with the best available quality firm yet very comfortable earrings clips.

Find out what our customers think – read our clip on earrings reviews


●● Video Tutorial – How to Adjust Clip On Earrings to make them More Comfortable: You may already own some clip on earrings that are not very comfortable or at some point in the future your earrings may become less comfortable than you would like. Well the Good News is that they are ‘easily adjustable’ and we have provided you with some easy to follow video tutorials on this site to help you get the best out of your earrings – this is the link to the page  How to Adjust Clip On Earrings … we hope you find it useful.  

Clip on earrings at
clip on earrings Australia are available in many different styles and materials including: Sterling Silver Clip On EarringsPearl Clip On EarringsVintage Clip On Earrings …  Fashion Clip On EarringsClip On Tassel EarringsRose Gold Clip On EarringsGold Clip On EarringsCrystal Clip On EarringsSilver Clip On Earrings …. dangle clip on earrings



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