How Do I Make Clip-on Earrings More Comfortable?

There are a number of things you can do to make your clip on earrings more comfortable.

We all have different shape and different thickness of ear lobes hence the determination of comfort can be determined by such a simple thing as how the earring clip sits on your ear. The type of clip on the earring, whether it is new or an old vintage type, a paddle back or screw thread and of course the size and weight of the earring and hence the force on the ear.

Good clip on earrings should have clips that positively hold the earring on the ear, i.e. apply enough pressure or grip so as not to allow the earring to fall off but at the same time they should be comfortable and not hurt.

Invariably the fitting of soft earring clip pads will improve the comfort of any clip on earrings by adding a soft layer between the clip and your earlobe and at the same time these pads will create extra grip on the earlobe. This makes them a big advantage with large heavy clipons which would normally require extra spring or screw tension to hold the earring in place. Many of the large vintage earrings made using older technology were cast in a heavy material by comparison to the lighter materials and modern manufacturing methods of today.

Earring pads come in different styles and materials to suit the various types of clips used on the variety of earring styles available. Soft foam encased in a soft plastic pillow creates a slip-on cushion for paddle back earring clips offering the absolute best comfort. Also for paddle backs the adhesive felt pads are suitable for some styles and offer great comfort. Soft plastic and sometimes rubber are used for the smaller clip types including the mini-clip paddle back and also for hoops, dangle and screw thread clip methods.

Soft earring comfort pads are very affordable and very easy to attach to your earrings. Unfortumately they are not promoted very well, especially by jewelers and the large retailers selling clip-on earrings which is why far too many women are putting up with discomfort for no reason. The best place to obtain them is on some of the better online stores that specialize in clip on earrings where they will have a good range of accessories.

Here is a comprehensive range of soft comfort earring pads suitable for the different clip types.

Soft Felt Clip Pads for Paddleback Clips

Adhesive Soft Pads for Clip-on Earrings

Soft Pads for Mini-Clip Paddleback

Soft Pads for Dangle Clip-on Earrings

Soft Pads for Hoops & Screwback Clips

Push-in Soft Pads for Clip-on Earrings

Some will say that adjusting the tension of spring clips will be of benefit however it is not as easy to do as some articles or videos would like you to believe. In fact it can be quite tricky with paddlebacks and one wrong adjustment can ruin an otherwise good pari of clip ons.

The best option is the earring pads. If you are still getting discomfort or pain after fitting soft comfort pads then it may be that you have something happening with your earlobe that a medical professional could take a look at and may have a solution for you.

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